Penile Cancer Symptoms

Penile cancer is a malignant / cancerous condition of the penis. It is a slow growing cancer and is comparatively curable, if identified in the early stages.

Risk Factors and Causative for Penile Cancer

Factors that increase the danger of developing penile cancer symptoms are:

  • No circumcision: those who havent had circumcision done may be at some risk of developing penile cancer. Circumcision also wards off Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection.
  • Age: the risk increases as one ages. Being 60 years and above increases the danger.
  • Phimosis: males who have phimosis, (a condition wherein the foreskin of the penis cant be pulled back over the head of the penis), are at an increased risk too.
  • Poor personal hygiene: is a factor too.
  • Promiscuity: having several sexual partners raises the chances of developing penile cancer.
  • Tobacco: smoking and consuming tobacco increase the peril as well.

Penile Cancer Symptoms

Penile cancer symptoms are:

  • Irritation, redness or a sore on the penis.
  • Lump on the penis.

Treatment of Penile Cancer Symptoms

The treatment regime for penile cancer symptoms generally includes: surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Surgical procedures used for penile cancer management are:

Mohs microsurgery: the tumor is removed in thin layers. The layers are slowly excised out until no cancerous cells are seen.

Laser surgery: a laser beam is used like a knife, to remove the tumor mass and to make bloodless incisions.

Cryosurgery: a device is used to freeze and wipe out the cancerous cells.

Circumcision: a segment of the foreskin or the entire foreskin of the penis is excised.

Amputation of the penis: a portion or the whole penis is amputated.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy makes use of powerful energy beams, such as, X-rays to destroy the cancer cells and check their duplication. 2 kinds of radiation therapy are available. External radiation / teletherapy makes use of a machine that targets the energy rays towards the tumor mass. Internal radiation / brachytherapy inserts a radio-active substance sealed in seeds, wires, needles, or catheters in to or near the tumor mass.


Chemotherapy makes use of powerful drugs or chemicals that halt the multiplication and penis growth of the tumor cells and aid in their extermination. Chemotherapy is given orally, or intravenously; the drugs enter the blood stream and reach the malignant cells throughout the body, this is called systemic chemotherapy. When the drugs are placed on the skin, it is called topical chemotherapy. The method of administering chemotherapy depends up on the stage and the type of penile cancer.

Biologic Therapy

Biologic therapy makes use of the patient’s immune system to combat the cancer. Certain substances synthesized by the body or manufactured in the laboratory are used to enhance penis size, direct, or re-establish the body’s inherent defenses against the cancer. This treatment is called immuno-therapy and is effective in the early stages of penile cancer.

Natural Penis Enlargment

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